energetica is a Centre of Excellence dedicated to green energy and sustainability. It is located in the hills above the River Po in an area known as Oltrepo Pavese, 500m above sea level. An integral part of the Centre is the “Green Home” which focuses on sustainable, renewable energy for the home using the most advanced technologies including solar water heating,

solar photovoltaics, and waste water purification systems. In addition, the “Green Home” demonstrates practical ways to conserve water, energy and recycle domestic waste

Centro di educazione ambientale  energetica Loc. Pizzofreddo 14/a - Santa Maria della Versa – PV 

Tel. 339 79.87.249   E-Mail: info@energetica.it  - C.F.: 91079040332     P.IVA 01541890339

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energetica’s motto is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and the 6000 square metre garden in which the “Green Home” is set, provides an outdoor arena for further learning and experimentation. At energetica a broad range of workshops, research and experimentation is undertaken on new environmental technologies in association with experts from many notable centres including, among other, the Milan Institute of Science & Technology, the Welsh Centre for Alternative Technology, Research Institute of Bergamo and ISES.

energetica is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable development principally in the following areas:

- energy efficiency/saving

- renewable energy

- recycling and reusing waste products

assessment and promotion of eco-friendly alternatives for everyday use e.g. organic

produce, bio-degradables, renewable and efficient energy options for home-building

The main goal is to develop an understanding of how energy impacts on our environment and how our individual choices in everyday life are of importance for the future. This is done by inspiring and developing methods for parents, teachers, young adults and infants on themed projects. energetica promotes hands-on experimentation, interactive workshops for children of all ages, critical assessment of renewable and reusable energy sources and research into alternative options.

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